About BonsaiConnection.com

Learn about Bonsai on BonsaiConnection.comThe ancient art of Bonsai has survived thousands of years and continues to become more and more popular.  Created in China, the art of Bonsai now reaches all corners of the globe and in every culture. 

The art of Bonsai can be a rewarding hobby for anyone.  Working with Bonsai trees can develop patience, discipline and provides an escape from one’s daily stresses.  Our goal at BonsaiConnection.com is to introduce you to this wonderful art and demystify the process of developing Bonsai trees for yourself.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about purchasing or learning about Bonsai. To locate a Bonsai Club in your area by visiting our Bonsai Club Directory page for meeting dates and contact.  You can also find national and international Bonsai events listed on our Home page